More Designs

Study in Rome of an original Alberto Burri. (Rauschenberg totally ripped this guy off)

"Hunting" Etching and Watercolor. 9"x9" Original print.

"Bethula" Watercolor and graphite on paper. 5"x8" Original

"wooly squid sketch" Pen and Ink

"Germans" Screen Print. 11"x 14" Edition of 5. 5 variables. 1 artist's proof.

"Tunis from Hotel Diplomat" Graphite on Paper. 5"x 5". Original

"...e danneggi il Papa!" Etching. 1"x 3". 1/2. Character in "V.S." book collection.

Copyright 2009, bitchasses


Wolves In The Throne Room Poster

$10 each. An edition of 10 available...the only other person/people who own it currently are me and Wolves In The Throne Room! Be one of the few! Cheers!