Look em up if you wanna know what day it is!

Sovereign. I think...I think I got it.

I think this might be my favorite. I kinda think about Dissection's "Reinkaos" album cover when I look at this one. Black and silver foil, embossed. That'll look really awesome.
Just print black onto white.

I think that this design is pretty solid. Symmetrical, intricate, and was built from manipulating the traditional"Black Sun" symbol. I figure why not use something completely your own. The Black Sun is a loaded symbol already. I don't know if that is crucial or not to you guys, but I feel something like this gives the same feel without it being associated with anyone but yourselves.

I wanted to really work with that concept where people are given the right to determine what this could stand for. Their only reference is the music; the songs give it meaning.

Lemme know what you think!



Semi-not-so-bad news everyone,

I will be going to finish my education at Tyler School of Art (finally) in 2010 and probably will slow down on the business side of my art. I will be more than willing to work on some album projects and such, but my main focus will be graduating with a Fine Arts degree, which entails me doing really non-commercial anything. I'll be enrolled in a Graphic Design course that may or may not be incorporated with the work I currently do. It just all depends on the nature of projects or how much leeway the professors give in terms of determining my own undertakings as a design student. I imagine little to none, but we'll all get over it.

I will be in full operation until Christmas week, but after that, I'm gonna have to take a breather. Good thing is I'll probably start doing shirts really often, seeing as the facilites I have access to there are really helpful for pumping out super fast work. Shirts...a new dominion.

As always, I love you.