Tattoo Apprenticeship

I'm learning how difficult this trade is, not only for the techniques, but the morals and lifestyle. It's more like a crash course in personality disorders along with a trade. You are here to honor a past time that has been deemed criminal by most. Some people are out to get theirs, whether it be drugs, women/men, strokes of the ego, but I know I'm here to eventually be prolific. Defining your life is for you and you alone. No one cares about YOU persay. What they care about is what you do. And that's what a trade is. What you do. Not who you are.

If you see anything on here that you would like to get tattooed on you, or you have ideas that you think will work out with this style, I will offer one that is the size of your hand. (but NOT on your hand or neck, head!) I am working at half the normal rate per hour until September as an apprentice. All proceeds go to studio fees, train fare, my rent, and to keep me tattooing.

Give me your time and patience and I'll give you mine. Be well.

Alyssa M