It's been a long time...shouldn't of left you....without dope to smoke...

So I'm going to say this...

It's been too long. It's been since July of last year that I posted any new artwork. So forgive me for abandoning my post. There's just been a lot going on. I graduated College, quit every hack job i found on Craigslist.org (shitty), and then got hired as a tattoo apprentice, which I currently spend majority of my time. I've been going around the US and at one point into Canada, tagging along for tours with Bubonic Bear and Ominous Black. It hasn't been too extensive at this point, but I'm sure that's about to change. I'm ready to head to Austin, Texas for SXSW, something I've been wanting to do for at least 10 years. Life has changed alot, but it's changed for the best and soon, soon, I will be a full time tattoo artist and merch maker. I have a couple things in the works, such as co starting a Merch label for DIY Stoner/Doom/Metal/Prog/Hardcore/Punk bands with dudes at the shop. But that's alllllll hypothetical at this point. All you need to know is I'm back and I'm ready to kick the shit out of so many sheets of paper to your benefit!


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